EXPLAINER: What is TWI and why is Katy ISD looking to cancel it?

For several months now, leaders in Katy ISD have talked about the possibility of relocating its Two-Way Immersion Model bilingual education program, colloquially known as TWI. The idea has frustrated parents of children in the program and has repeatedly asked the district to expand or simply maintain the offering. Some, however, may be unfamiliar with the program’s scope and history.

Class start times and bilingual program changes: 4 things to know from this week's Katy ISD meeting, Feb. 19

After receiving more than 20,000 responses from a districtwide transportation sustainability survey in January, administrators recommended KISD switch to a multibell start schedule for elementary, middle and high schools. KISD Chief Operations Officer Lee Crews said the change would help the district better manage school bus routes in light of a shortage of nearly 35 drivers and a growing enrollment.
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