Deafness is not a burden

Being deaf is not the same for everyone with the condition. Deafness means partial or complete loss of hearing in one or both ears and can range from mild to severe to profound. It can happen at any age and can be hereditary, genetic, or caused by environmental factors such as occupational noise. The ways in which people who are Deaf communicate also vary, and this affects how they move through the world or connect with other people.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s first CDO shares limitations, possibilities of AI

Artificial intelligence has many uses at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, from recognizing fraud patterns to interpreting unstructured data. CFTC’s mission is to watch out for manipulation of financial markets, and supervised machine learning can help. Cases of spoofing, cornering the market or position limits, for example, are messy in real life and difficult to spot.

Congress investigating whether companies are profiting off veterans disability claims backlog

Members of Congress are investigating whether third-party records companies are profiting from a pandemic-induced backlog of veterans disability claims. The National Archives and Records Administration has been trying to speed up records requests to process the claims but to no avail, impeding veterans’ access to essential services like health care and housing.
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